3 Important Steps to Paint Vinyl Siding

Most of the homeowners with vinyl siding are unaware of the fact that vinyl can be painted successfully. In fact, painting vinyl siding is considered one of the cheapest alternatives to replacing the same. By applying a fresh coat of paint on your vinyl siding, you can actuallyPainting Vinyl Siding restore the faded siding and improve the look and feel of the entire home. If handled by expert painter, paints on vinyl siding last longer than on porous surfaces like wood. It is also very easy to apply vinyl paint and perfection can be achieved even without using a brush and roller. However, there are few important facts that you need to consider when painting vinyl siding. Mentioned below are the most important steps that you need to consider while painting vinyl siding.

Choosing the Paint Colors:

One of the most important things you need to remember is that there are certain limitations when choosing paint when choosing a paint color for your vinyl siding. There are few colors, particularly dark colors, which will absorb too much heat. This may cause the vinyl to warp and peel. One golden rule is to choose paint colors that are lighter than the original siding colors because they are safe from warping. Most paint contractors suggest a palette of vinyl-safe colors because these types of colors work well on vinyl siding.

Remove All Mildew and Dirt:

Before you apply paint on your vinyl siding you need to remove all mildew and dirt from the surface. Vinyl siding tends to form a powdery film on its surface and you should clean the same before painting. Apart from that, it is also very common to find mildew on the surface of vinyl siding and the same needs to be cleaned as well. The best way to remove mildew and dirt is to use a garden sprayer. You should avoid power washing as the intense pressure from the power washer can force water behind the siding.

Spray Painting Vinyl Siding:

The best method to apply paint on vinyl siding is to use a sprayer. Spraying can save loads of times and it gives a look similar to the original factory finish. Sprayer painting doesn’t leave any brush or roller marks on the surface of the vinyl siding. The process for spraying vinyl paint is the same as painting aluminum siding. Make sure you cover windows, doors etc with a plastic before applying paint on the vinyl siding.

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