3 Most Important Factors that Affect the Painting Job in Mid-Atlantic Region of US

In the construction job, we are often faced with weather interruptions. Usually, two industries that are frequently hit the hardest by nature are roofing and painting. While roofing can still be done when the weather is really hot or extremely cold, painting is a project that requires a Painting Jobsatisfactory range of temperature for the best results.

Clarksville painters, one of the most reputed painting contractors in USA, recently conducted a study in the Mid-Atlantic region of US. The expert painting contractors of Clarksville painters found that at certain times of the year, it becomes really challenging for the painting contractors to paint the exterior of a house in Mid-Atlantic region of US. The temperature of swings of this region becomes the most important factor that creates difficulty to continue with the painting project. In fact when the weather conditions are taken into account, finding days with ideal painting conditions can really be difficult in Mid-Atlantic region.

Following are the challenges that the painting contractors face due to temperature swings in Mid-Atlantic region of US:

Hot Weather:

Temperature often becomes really hot it Mid-Atlantic region and this creates a big challenge for exterior painting. Hot weather actually increases the surface temperature of the whole house. As a result, it becomes really difficult for the paint to adhere to the siding or the trims. Furthermore, it is very common thing to see bubbles and blisters on the surface when it is too hot. As soon as the paint dries the bubbles and blisters on the surface starts to peel, this is really unsightly. Additionally, your home’s surface is not going to receive adequate protection from the paint.

Cold Weather:

Just as the hot weather, extremely cold weather also creates a big challenge for the painters. Cold weather actually causes the paint to absorb excess moisture. As a result, the additional moisture will prevent the paint from drying properly. This in turns will affect adhesion. If you apply paint on the surface in extremely cold weather, it is more likely to start to crack and chip off in no time. To get rid of this challenge, Clarksville painters often suggest using certain paints that are capable to withstand certain cold weather condition.


The Mid-Atlantic region of US is considered humid continental and the late winter climate and spring offers less humidity, which is a great time for exterior painting. However, in certain cases extreme humid weather conditions may create condensations on recently painted surfaces.

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