3 Steps How to Glaze Your Windows Without Damaging Them

If you are thinking to spend on home remodeling project, there are enough chances that you have at least one window that needs to be glazed. Today, it is very common to find windows with glazing that incorporate multiple panes of glass, gas fillings, and high-class and sensitive Glaze-Your-Windowscoatings.

Glazing is actually a kind of hard putty that creates a weather-tight seal on the exterior of the window between the wood and the glass. Over the time it can become loose or badly cracked. This protects your window from hard weather condition such as storm, rain water and ice. If this is the situation, you always have an option to re-glaze you’re your window.

Re-glazing is not difficult; all you need to do is a little know-how and a couple of free hours.

Inspect the Situation:

You should examine the exterior of your windows in order to check what situation they are in. If you find that there are few small cracks here and there, there is some life left to it. However, it is vital to check regularly to see if things get any worse. If you find any glazing missing, or if your window cracks are wide enough to fit a knife blade, you need to glaze your windows immediately.

Remove Operable Window Part:

Once you have decided to reglaze your window, you need to remove the operable part of your window – the parts where it slides up or down. You can take out all tall, lean pieces of wood (stops) that are placed on the inner portion of the window to each side of the opening. The may be held in place with screws, so you need to remove the screws as well. Use a razor knife to remove the paint line or putty in order to remove the stops. If you are working with an old window which is painted in lead paint, you should take all necessary precautions.

Remove Old Glazing:

Once you have removed all operable parts, it’s time to remove all bad glazing. You can take a sharp razor knife or similar object to chip off the loose glazing. You should take the putty off very carefully with a delicate touch. If you do it wrong, you may break the window or damage the wood frame. The best way is to use a heat gun that actually softens the glazing to a particular extent and the glazing will fall off window.

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