4 Deadly Mistakes People Make When Hiring a Painting Contractor that End Up Costing Them Money

4 Deadly Mistakes People Make When Hiring a Painting Contractor that End Up Costing Them Money

When you are thinking to take a home renovation project, it’s good to caution against making some deadly mistakes when painting your home. The fact is, most early paint failures occur because of the deadly mistakes people do when hiring a painting contractor and it also Hiring a Painting Contractorend up costing them a good amount of money.

These mistakes are very simple to be noticed but invite real problems with your paint job in the long run. Following are the things where many people go wrong:

Purchasing Cheap Paint:

Low quality cheap paint is difficult to apply and its applied appearance can be less than ideal. Low quality paint won’t last as long as top quality paint. If you are to use low quality paint, you need to keep your painting brushes and roller ready since you have to come back on doing the same job in not time, especially when you’re doing exterior painting. To avoid this problem, you need to use high quality 100% acrylic paint or latex coating that can help you get a better looking, long lasting paint quality.

Buying Low Quality Brushes and Rollers:

Trying to save dollars by purchasing low quality “cheap” paint brushes and rollers is a good example of making deadly mistake that end up cost money. Low price substandard paint applications may help you save little money, but they make a painting job more difficult. Cheap brush and rollers are sure to affect the finished appearance of the paint. You can avoid this situation by using a good quality paint brush and roller that will make it easier to apply a thicker and more uniform coat of paint.

Inappropriate Surface Preparation:

Preparing the surfaces before starting to paint is the most important thing. Even if you’re the most talented painter, your work will be a complete failure if you don’t properly prepare surfaces before starting to paint. For exterior painting, you need to take care of scraping and sanding in order to remove loose or peeling paint, priming unpainted surfaces, plaster repair and removing dirt and mildew. For interior painting, preparing the surface involves washing walls and woodworks, hiding stains with an appropriate primer, and correcting other imperfections on the wall.

Painting in Wrong Weather Condition:

You have to compromise with the extreme weather condition when painting your house exterior. Painting could be a difficult task in weather condition such as very cold, excessive hot, very windy, or rainstorm. It is important to paint in mild and pleasant weather condition to get the best result. Contact Clarksville painters to get more tips in regards to your painting project.

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