Aluminum and Vinyl Siding Can be Painted and Last for Decades

Painting aluminum or vinyl siding is often asked about since aluminum or vinyl siding is very popular for homeowners nowadays. Although it started as a cheaper alternative to traditional finishes, aluminum and vinyl siding can now be found on most of the houses since it has proven to be an excellent choice for many situations.

Aluminum and vinyl siding is popular because of their lower installation costs and it is durable enough to last for years. It is almost maintenance-free as well. However, you can paint your aluminum and vinyl siding to boost its look. However, if any repairs need, it is recommended to repair your aluminum and vinyl siding before painting.

Painted Aluminum and Vinyl Siding Last for Decades:

As mentioned earlier, painted aluminum and vinyl siding don’t need maintenance like any other painted surface. As a result, they last for decades. The only maintenance that you need for your aluminum siding is to wash it when needed. It is true that the areas exposed to rainfall will eventually be washed, but the covered areas may need to be washed annually. Washing your painted aluminum and vinyl siding is not costly since you just need a light washing with detergent. This type of washing will be enough to renew the appearance of the painted surface of your aluminum and vinyl siding.

Paints for Aluminum and Vinyl Siding:

The only thing you need to keep in mind when choosing the paint for aluminum or vinyl siding is to choose a color that is lighter than the color of the vinyl siding. If you apply darker paint on your vinyl siding, it may cause the siding to warp. If possible ask the professionals to check with the manufacturer of the vinyl siding to determine which colors can be used. However, this is not a problem with aluminum siding and you can choose any paint for the same.

Use a Primer for Your Aluminum or Vinyl Siding:

You should apply a primer before painting the aluminum and vinyl siding to make sure the paint job lasts for decades. However, you should take a professional’s help to determine whether the surface you plan to paint requires a primer. No matter which primer you choose, the professionals will agree that priming the aluminum and vinyl siding is necessary especially when you need the paint job to last as long as possible.

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