What is Anti Microbial Paint?

According to a recent research, 10% of the homeowners get sicker or contract a serious illness during their stay in the hospital after coming into Anti Microbial Paintcontact with germs many of which are on painted surfaces. Due to this problem, paint manufacturers and home innovation specialists have talked for years about making antimicrobial paint to reduce unwanted illness.

There are many paint manufacturers and powder coating companies that have strengthened their efforts to create an anti-microbial paint that is able to prevent bacteria growth. Although it was first developed for the hospitals, anti-microbial coatings have now started to make an even bigger entry into homes.

What is Anti-Microbial Paint?

Anti-microbial paint is a specially formulated paint which contains an antimicrobial agent. This type of paint has the ability to prevent the micro-organisms growth on the interior surfaces like kitchen and bathroom. This type of paint not only prevents microbial and bacteria growth on the surfaces but also helps prevent mold and mildew growth. This type of paints is actually made by using biocides to maintain the product’s integrity from microbial attack. The biocides content available in this type of paint provides a protection against any fungal or bacterial growth.

Anti-microbial paint also maintains the aesthetic beauty of your home as it creates a beautiful atmosphere with a highly durable surface. Surfaces painted with anti-microbial coatings can even withstand the inevitable wear and tear that occurs in the bathroom and kitchen walls.

Benefits of Using Anti-Microbial Paint:

Anti-microbial paints are actually made with antimicrobial materials that are usually embedded within the paint. This not only prevents the microbes that grow on the surfaces but also reduce the airborne contaminants. This type of paints also reduces 99% of the pathogens that are present in the air. By applying this type of paint on the surfaces of your home, you can actually create a protection that lasts as long as the expected lifespan of the paint product.

Anti-Microbial Paint Should Always Be Applied By a Commercial Painter:

To get the best result, you always need to apply anti-microbial paint under the supervision of a professional painter or have a professional commercial painter to apply this type of paint on the surfaces. Professional painters actually know the rules as to how to properly apply anti-microbial paints in hospital, bathroom, and kitchen environments and therefore can take all safety precautions.

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