What are the Best Colors to Paint your Front Door?

The entrance of your house is the first thing that people notice when they come by, so there is no harm in making your home stand out from the rest by applying a fresh coat of paint to your front door. Your front door can actually make a huge impact on the beauty and curb appeal of the entire home. Mentioned below are some insights about what paint colors will give your front door the best look.

Red – A Classic Fire Engine Shade:

The classic shade like red can always give your front door a special look. A bold hue like red looks great with homes painted in white, blue, and grey. You can even try red in a high gloss finish to make it extra eye catching.

Indigo – A Soothing Shade:

You will surely love how a soothing color like indigo will change the shades and look totally different from the morning to night. Indigo can provide your front door with a dramatic and cool effect that you will love forever. Indigo when paired with bright white trim will also make your front door stand out from the rest.

Orange – The Bold Look:

You can give your front door as well as the entire home a bold look just by applying orange on it. Nothing makes a bold but quite statement like orange. Orange is the best color to grab the attention of a potential visitor and it will draw people right inside your home. Orange looks more charming on a dark charcoal backdrop, which creates a more vibrant effect.

Black – A Stand-Out Color:

Many people avoid black when it comes to paint their front door. However, the truth is that a freshly-painted black door looks great with just about every exterior and style of a home. A black door commands attention and makes your house unique in your neighborhood.

Lime-Green – The Show Stopper:

People will surely love to look twice when they pass a home that is painted in a show stopper color like lime-green. However, many people don’t use lime-green as it won’t work for every exterior style and color. But it looks significantly dashing with exteriors painted in brown, grey, or raisin paint colors.

Yellow – For a Refreshing Look:

If you want to rejuvenate the tired-looking appearance of your house, you can go for a bright yellow or marigold. In fact, there are very few colors that can make you happier that a refreshing yellow does.

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