Best Places to Use Bold Colors on Your Interior Walls

If you look at the latest interior painting trends, you can understand that the bold colors are in – and it seems that they’re here to stay. The bold colors are actually very tricky to handle with when it comes to choosing one for your interior walls. Therefore you need to consult with an experienced painting contractor prior to use bold colors on your interior walls. The painting contractors can provide you with tips and tricks to help you handle bold colors in any interior design. Mentioned below are the tips for you to learn how to use bold colors in your home.

Use Bold Colors on the Accent Wall:

The most important factor in designing the interior of your home is to pay proper attention to proportion and scale. The proportion of scale becomes more important when you are working with bold colors. Using too much of one bold color in your interior may ruin the feeling of entire design. Too much bold color in a single room can make you feel overwhelming rather than providing you with a trendy style statement.

Therefore, it is important to find out a particular wall to put bold colors. For example, you can use bold colors on the accent wall. This is more important when you are working with a small space. The same can go with overly large spaces, where you have a broad wall space to cover with a particular color. You can paint your accent wall with bold shades.

Use Bold Colors in a Small Room:

Another important place to add a dash of bold colors is in a small room. For example, powder rooms are typically smaller than the other interior rooms and can be a great place to experiment with bold colors on the wall. You just need to make sure that you don’t paint the entire room in bold shades.

Paint the Longest Walls in Bold Shades:

The golden rule of putting bold shades on your interior walls is to paint the longest walls with bold colors. This design choice is important for two reasons, the long bold walls can emphasize the length of the apartment. Second, it can make space feel a little larger than it is. Also, putting bold colors in longer walls and neutral colors on the window wall can be-fool the eyes of visitors into experiencing the whole walls as a light source.

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