Can Faded Vinyl Shutter Be Painted?

Vinyl shutters are often considered as the best choice over wood shutters because of their durability, cost effectiveness, easy installation, and choice of styles. However, the main problem with vinyl shutters is that they will start fading after few years. Now the question arises, can Paint Vinyl Shuttersfaded vinyl shutters be painted? With modern paints and professional painters available throughout the country, faded vinyl shutters can be painted. In fact, faded vinyl shutters will hold paint well. Therefore, it will be wise to paint faded vinyl shutters whenever required.

Mentioned below are some basic guidelines and tips for painting faded vinyl shutters:

Surface Preparation:

Like many other paint projects, the first step to painting your faded vinyl shutters will be a good surface preparation. You need to check carefully whether the shutters are affected by any wasps or other insects that may have nested behind the vinyl shutters. It is also important to reattach any loose shutters.

Cleaning the Vinyl Shutters:

Next, you need to clean the faded vinyl shutters to make sure that it is mildew free. You can use a solution of mild detergent and chlorine bleach to clean the dust, mildew, and dirt. While cleaning the shutters, you need to wear proper eye and body protection, especially when you are working with any chemical. A long handle scrub brush will make your work easier. When cleaning the shutters, you should make sure that the surface is free from any loose and peeling paint.

Priming the Vinyl Shutters:

When vinyl shutters are properly cleaned, you will need to apply a coat of good quality primer. However, the primer will not work if the old paint is an oil-based paint and the new paint is latex or acrylic. In that case, you will first need to sand the oil paint to remove any gloss and then apply a 100% acrylic primer. You can use a primer properly tinted by the paint dealer to closely match the finish color for a better result.

Painting the Faded Vinyl Shutter:

Once the primer is done, the final and most important step is to apply paint on the surface of your vinyl shutters. It is usually recommended not to use a paint that is considerably darker than the original color. This helps you to avoid heat buildup that could cause warpage. It is important to use 100% acrylic paint because it is durable, resist fading, and adhere very well to the surface. Also, this type of color will dry very fast and the paint brushes can be easily washed with normal detergent and water.

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