Can You Paint Ceramic Tiles?

Decorating and adding color can be really difficult when it comes to updating a room that has a particularly nasty color of ceramic tile. In the past, almost 30 years ago, harvest gold, avocado green, and burnt orange used to adorn many kitchens and bathrooms. Today, the idea ofpaint ceramic tiles removing and replacing the ceramic tiles is not financially feasible. Therefore, it is an ideal solution to paint over the ceramic tiles.

Problems in Painting Ceramic Tiles:

We all know that paint doesn’t like to stick to the slick, shiny surface of the tile. However, if you take a little precaution, it is possible to paint your tile and create a durable surface that is much more visually appealing than the outdated look you currently have in your ceramic tiles.

Tips To Paint Ceramic Tiles:

You should have a clear idea about what you can and cannot paint. You should not paint any tile surface that continuously gets wet. No matter how much experienced you are as a DIY painter, if you try to paint the tiles that surround your shower or even your tub, it is possible that the paint chips will be cleaned out of the bottom of the tub within a couple of weeks. The best idea is to hire professional painters to paint the ceramic tiles.

There are many different professional services available that will be ready to paint your ceramic tiles and fixtures in return for a nominal charge. It will really be wise to ask professional painters to paint things like your antique claw foot tub, toilet, and shower stall. These professionals have high-quality tools and specialized products that are required to paint ceramic tiles.

Preparing The Tiles for Paint:

Like much another painting project, the first step to painting you ceramic tiles is to prepare the surface properly. The ceramic tiles need to be etched properly and then you need to apply an epoxy paint. The goal is to create a surface that the paint will stick to. You also need to clean the tiles with a commercial tile cleaner by using a mild abrasive. This will surely remove the shine from the tiles and make it clean and nice to apply an epoxy paint.

Before you start applying paint over the ceramic tiles, you need to make sure that all abnormalities are addressed that might deteriorate the paint job. For example, all crumbling gout, mildew stains, and cracked tiles should be repaired at the very beginning of the paint job.

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