How Can Wood be Restored with Epoxy Compound?

The restoration of deteriorated wood in your house like deck and ceilings is always difficult. The restoration of deteriorated wooden deck or ceiling may involve many things like the simple application of chemicals to harden a soft wood surface to a more genuine epoxy compound.Epoxy Wood Restoration‎ Epoxy compound is frequently used to restore wood plates in the home to boat structures. Whatever the situation is, the epoxy compound can always be applied to stop the rotting process of wood. It also hardens the soft wood and produces an additional epoxy restoration element on the wood surface.

What is Epoxy Compound?

Epoxy compound is an almost transparent liquid compound which will penetrate the dry wood surface. Apart from the epoxy resin, it will also contain a specific amount of alcohol and other chemicals which will dissolve saps and oils. The epoxy compound will help remove the natural moisture content of the wood surface. This type of compound is derived from natural elements which actually produces a chemical adhesive bond to the wood fibers themselves.

How to Apply Epoxy Compound?

The basic process of applying epoxy compound on deteriorating wood is very easy. You first need to remove any loose rotted wood from the actual surface. Before you apply the epoxy compound to restore the wood structure, you first need to make sure that the surface is completely dry. Once you make sure that the wood surface is dry, you need to apply epoxy compound by using a brush, roller or a coarse spray. You can use whichever is the easiest. The rule is to allow the wood surface to accept the entire epoxy compound it can absorb.

Multiple coatings of the epoxy compound can be applied several days after the first coating is applied. Multiple coating is required when additional hardness is necessary. You also need to fill all types of holes and cracks by using considerable epoxy filler or a custom filler later. These types of fillers will become hard within a couple of days and after then you can apply epoxy compound on the wood surface.

Exact Process of applying epoxy compound:

Which exact process you will use to apply the epoxy compound to restore the deteriorated wood structure will actually depend on the depth and degree of deterioration. You need to examine the type of rot and the condition of the wood surface being restored or repaired. Depending on the condition of your wood, you need to consult a professional individual, who will provide you with specific, step by step advice on the wood restoration process.

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