Color Trends for 2015

The painting market in the Baltimore Metro area is very diverse. One day we can be working in historic Mt. Washington and another day we can be painting a new home in Ellicott City. Please keep this distinction in mind when making color selections in your home.

From our own personal experience of painting hundreds of home interiors in Maryland last year, we saw a lot of gray colors being selected. One reason gray colors will continue to be big in 2015 is that it does take years of design experience to decorate around a gray color.

Three of the major paint companies we use have selected their “Color of the Year”.

Sherwin Williams selected ‘Coral Reef’, which Jackie Jordan, SW Director of Color and Marketing, describes as “For me personally, this color reminds me of the pink walls we saw in the 1980’s. It’s definitely a bright color the some homeowner will appreciate”.

PPG selected ‘Blue Paisley’ as its Color of the Year. They describe is as “…a nice bold color I see being used mostly for bedrooms and offices”.

Finally, Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year is Guilford Green, which Ellen O’Neill, Benjamin Moore’s Creative Director, describes saying “..Benjamin Moore knocked it out of the park with this selection. It’s a color that can be used in any room of the house. It’s neutral enough to decorate around but still has plenty of personality.”

That concludes our look at color trends for 2015. The most important thing, though, is to select colors that you like and reflect how you would like the space to appear. If in doubt, most paint companies offer sample paints that you can put on poster board. Leave the poster board on different walls so you can examine them at different times of day in the changing light conditions. Then you can make the decision that is best for you.

Thanks and have a colorful day!

Angus Sheldon



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