What Are The Differences Between Clear, Semi-transparent and Solid Deck Coating?

Deck stains, be it clear, semi-transparent, or solid, are mainly used to protect and preserve the exterior wood surface, like the wood deck. Deck coating offers UV protection, water repellency, mold and grease resistance, etc. Deck stains come in many different types and aspects.Semi-transparent and Solid Deck Citing There are many deck stain brands that can be restricted in particular states, cities, and countries based on their VOC levels since the VOC laws vary from one place to another. Not all types of deck coating are equal and each one has its own distinctive character.

Semi-Transparent Stain:

Semi-transparent stain helps to preserve the deck and this type of stains are really suitable for decking. Semi-transparent deck coating will be outside the deck surface permanently. They also contain different types of anti-fungal element that helps to prevent any types of mold and algae that often grow on the surface of the deck. These types of stains will actually penetrate the wood surface and create a great bond with the fibers. Finally, semi-transparent deck coating makes a better protective stain that stands against all types of harmful elements. When you want to stain your deck without changing the basic surface and grain of the natural product, semi-transparent deck coating is the best. However, this type of stain is not perfect for the wooden items that need to be colored and the wood that is intended to be more decorative than functional.

Solid Deck Coating:

Solid deck coating and the solid color stain is ideal for the type of wood finish, which has a very accurate description. As solid color stains are not penetrating like the semi-transparent stains, the actually lay upon the surface of the wood rather than bonding with it. Just like the topcoat finish, solid deck coating can actually lead to the wood making it more chipped and flaked. Unlike the semi-transparent stain, solid color stains do not always contain any anti-fungal agent. As a result, they will not help protect your wooden surface against water as effectively as the penetrative stains like semi-transparent stains.

Solid color stains or solid deck coating are suitable for projects where you want a more decorative finish that the actual functional purpose. For example, you may want to consider the solid color stain on a deck surface that is not quite functional, and where you do not want actually worried about leaving the natural grain.

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