What Are The Most Durable Paint for Office Walls?

When it comes to choosing the perfect paint color for office walls, you must remember that colors can elicit a variety of emotions and it canDurable Paint for Office Walls affect the mood and output of your staff. In most of the times, most office walls are painted in white, off-white and gray. However, according to the color experts, white might not be a good choice for office walls as it may affect a staff’s mood and can even hinder a staff’s effectiveness. This is the reason most modern office walls are not painted in white as it doesn’t help us to be productive.

Mentioned below are some of the most durable paint color choices for office walls:

Red for Performance Improvement:

A recent study says that red in the office walls stimulate the pulses of the employees and can raise the blood pressure, which helps them to give their best. A vibrant red in office wall can help increase performance in employees who have detail-oriented assignments. Red is also durable and prevents the cost of frequent repainting.

Blue for Creativity:

According to the color experts, blue is a symbol of calm. It also promotes communication, trust, and efficiency. Therefore, when used in office walls, blue helps people to do creative things by opening the mind to new ideas. In offices, blue walls could be more effective in a room that is usually used for brainstorming, suggestions and market research.

Green for Innovation:

Similar to the blue walls, green also creates a calming effect when applied on office walls. Green is also good for office walls as it improves harmony and balance. Most employers use green in office walls to enhance creative performance, according to a recent study. Green could be the best choice for offices where innovation is the key component.

Use Benjamin Moore Scuff X in High Traffic Office Environment:

If you have an office that receives a high amount of traffic every day and you still want a durable paint to apply on the office walls, you can go for Benjamin Moore Scuff x. This is a great interior latex paint which is specially engineered to resist scuff marks in high traffic, commercial environments. This paint offers superior scuff-resistance without a strong odor. When applied in office walls, Benjamin Moore Scuff x offers a durability that you cannot get with other ordinary brands. Therefore, Benjamin Moore Scuff x is now considered as a trusted solution for commercial painting contractors.

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