Five Tips to Making Wallpaper Removal Easier

The task of removing wallpaper can be a pain but you can make it easier on yourself with the right equipment and approach.

Ready the Space:

Before you start removing the wallpaper, you should remove all curtains or drapes and outlet covers and switch plates. When doing the same,wallpaper removal solution it is important to position your drop cloth beneath the first wall to be sprayed. Also, switch off the power supply at the breaker and fuse box.

Use Chemicals:

You can use a chemical stripper designed for texture coating to remove wallpaper that’s been covered with paint. However, you need to wear protective gloves and goggles when applying the chemical on the wallpaper. Another important way to remove old wallpaper is to use fabric softener. The task of removing wallpaper becomes easier with fabric softener. For the best result, stir 1 cap-full fabric softener into 1 litter water and sponge the solution onto the wallpaper. Let the wallpaper soak in for 30 minutes and then scrape the paper from the wall. In case the wallpaper has a water-resistant coating, you can score it with a hard wire brush before applying the fabric softener liquid.

Consider Using a Try Steaming:

It is also an important idea to use steam wallpaper stripper to handle materials that are very difficult to remove. Steam wallpaper stripper is also useful if the wall is covered with layers of old paper. This can make your job easier. You can also score the wallpaper a little as per the instructions on your wallpaper scorer. Scoring is a great process that helps the steam penetrates. However, there are some people that want to skip the scoring process since it can create small holes in the paper on the drywall, but if you have a good plaster wall, this is not going to create much an issue. This type of steaming method is really ideal for wallpaper that proves difficult to remove.

Strip The Wallpaper:

Another great idea is to strip the wallpaper by using a help of a plastic putty knife and peel pieces of wallpaper away one at a time. It is important to peel the wallpaper upwards since this will make it easier to wedge the putty knife between the uplifted paper as well as the wall.

Clean Up the Residue:

Once done, you need to wash away all residues and clean the same with soap and hot water. Rinse the residues and then dry with a clean towel or rag. After that, you should lightly spray the walls one final time by using clean water for getting the best result.

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