Garage Floor Painting with Epoxy Coating

Professional painters often suggest epoxy paint for garage floors since it helps prevent stains and deterioration. Also, the epoxy coating gives your garage floor a tough finish, which gives it a showroom type look. Garage floors frequently get pretty nasty due to daily abuses. Epoxy coating not only makes the place clean but it keeps the garage floor inviting for the years to come.

In most cases, homeowners use a sealer on the garage floor as a minimum treatment. Years of storage and spills are enough to take a toll on your garage floor. In addition, the natural porosity and the chalkiness of the concrete garage floor make it almost impossible to keep the floor clean.

Check the amount of vapor in the garage floor

The garage floor mostly suffers from moisture issues. Therefore it is important to check the moisture level of your garage floor before applying the epoxy coating. There are situations when the garage slab is fitted without an underlying moisture barrier or if there is a high groundwater level, it’s normal that the water pressure actually lifts a vapor coating off the garage floor. Therefore, it is important to consult the epoxy coating experts beforehand and ask whether they offer a properly applied vapor barrier.

Check the Weather

One thing you should keep in mind that you can never set the epoxy coating properly on your garage floor during the winter. Therefore, it is important to check the weather forecast before hiring epoxy professionals. According to the paint experts, the ideal air temperature should be 60 degrees for a good epoxy coating job. Also, the temperature of the garage floor should be approximately 50 degrees.

Surface Preparation

Surface preparation plays a vital role in determining the success of your epoxy coating job. Give your garage floor a good sweeping with a hard brush or broom to make sure the garage floor and the walls are properly cleaned. You also need to scrape up any hard dirt and grease. If there is stubborn grease on your garage floor, you should apply a strong degreaser chemical and then scrape the surface properly. Once everything is done, wash the entire garage floor with a mixture of water and strong detergent powder.

Epoxy Coating

You should remember that you may need to apply a number of epoxy coats since epoxy gets absorbed into the concrete pores. There are chances that the surface will lose the gloss if you don’t apply enough epoxy coatings.

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