Why Hiring The Cheapest House Painter Is Not Usually The Best Idea?

There is a big difference between interior painters who offer costly but quality service and those who just deceive homeowners by offering cheap deals. Homeowners often put themselves at risk since they don’t know what to look for when hiring a house painter and simply get attracted to cheap deals. Mentioned below is a list of common scams, cost cuts, short cuts, and price gouging that occurs with some of theHouse Painters & Painting Contractors cheapest house painters.

Wall Repair:

This is the most important area where a cheap interior painter can easily cut corners to save time and money. In most cases, cheap paint contractors don’t explain the extent of the wall repairs included in a house painting project, so it’s up to the painter’s discretion how much they will do. If the wall repair seems like too much work, they will usually point out the repairs but will not include the same in the bid. They would rather like to ask you whether you’d like wall fixed after they start your project and let you know how much more dollars it will cost.

Paint Prices:

As a rule of thumb, paint gets more expensive as you choose from flat to gloss. Generally, the market difference is around one dollar per gallon per sheen upgrade. Flat paint is usually the cheapest, and then comes the matte flat, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, gloss etc. High gloss paint is the costliest in the market. Most cheap contractors don’t tell a word about paint types at the start and come with the cheapest flat paint later. In order to avoid this problem, you should pick your colors and sheen finishes with the contractor before you sign or put a deposit on a contract. You need to make sure that the paint types and finishes are clearly mentioned in the contract before you sign.

Paint Coverage Issues:

Another major problem that comes with the cheapest paint contractor is the paint coverage issue. There are situations when your contractor is almost finished with a paint project and feels that your walls require another coat and charges for additional money since it’s not on the contract. However, the painters that offer quality service never hide anything from the homeowners and tell if the new color will cover in two coats or three coats. What you need to do is to make sure you specify with the contractor on the original contract the exact cost of additional paint coats.

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