Hot Water Pressure Washing Cleans Surfaces Much Better Than Standard Pressure Washing

It’s always hard to find a washer that will provide results beyond the average. However, according to the experts, hot water pressure washing cleans the surfaces much better than the standard pressure washing when it comes to handling commercial cleaning jobs. No matter whereHot Water Pressure Washing vs Standard Pressure Washing you use, hot water pressure washing offers most efficient, cost-saving, eco-friendly results. This type of pressure washing is guaranteed to deliver the best cleaning results and lower down the time you spend to clean the surfaces.

Heat, Agitation & Soap:

Hot water pressure washing creates a strong balance of three key elements of cleaning – heat, agitation, and soap. With the perfect balance of heat, agitation, and soap, it delivers a pressure cleaning result beyond the results. Heat creates a high-speed molecular action that causes the cleaning agent to be more active. Heat also reduces water’s surface tension so it can easily penetrate the molecule level of dirt and grease. The impact that comes from the water pressure actually hits the surface which creates an action similar to hand scrubbing. The soap that presents in the hot water chemically breaks the bond between dirt and the surface.

Hot Water Produces Better Result:

Hot water pressure washing offers a more hygienic approach to cleaning. Ordinary pressure washing can usually achieve the desired result when combined with a cleaning agent and in a longer time. On the contrary, hot water pressure washing cleans the surface on half of the time. Heat actually accelerates the chemical process and allows for an increase in chemical reaction speed when the temperature of the water is increased. Once hot water is applied, the residue starts to break.

Hot water pressure washing can save up to 35% of your time. Also, with hot water pressure washing, the less cleaning agent is required, which is cost-efficient and eco-friendly as well.

Where to Use Hot Water Pressure Washing?

Hot water pressure washing is the best when you have to clean engines, automotive parts, or literally any surfaces with oil and greases. Hot water melts the grease and oil, but normal pressure washing only pushes it away. Combined with detergent powder, hot water pressure washing can be very effective in many applications. The golden rule is to use hot water pressure washing to clean the surface better and faster. With regular use of hot water pressure washing, you will surely be extremely pleased with the end result.

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