How Crown and Chair Rail Molding Can Transform a Room

The best way you can distinguish a pretty room from a basic room is by paying attention to the molding. In an ordinary room construction, the molding will surely be very minimal and ordinary, or even nonexistent.

However, if you really want to give your room an attitude as well as architectural interest, you should spend time on interior moldings. One of the easiest ways to transform your old room into a new one is to beef up all the moldings. You can simply do it by modifying the existing look and feel of your crown and chair rail moldings.

Crown Molding:

A slight modification to the crown molding can add architecture to a room that has little, and it also draws the attention of visitor’s eye upward in the same way curtains hung at ceiling height do. It is also good to use substantial crown molding. If you can mix good proportions of simple and strong heavy moldings, it will be great. For example, you can make a simple 10-foot room much more dynamic by using a simple but strong five-inch crown molding and five-inch base molding. Also, you can add a crisp and delicious contrast in a very dark room by using a white crown molding. By giving extra attention to the base and ceiling, anyone can actually pour much more character and strength to a small room.

Chair Rail Molding:

Similar to the crown molding, a professional chair rail molding can transform the appearance of your living room and dining room. The main purpose of using chair rail molding is to protect your dining room walls from being damaged by the chair backs. However, nowadays, chair rail molding has become a popular way to add style to a dining room, living room, and hallway. Chair rail molding is especially used when you want to separate wallpaper from the paint, or you want to make a difference between two different colors of paint.

Chair rail is available in a variety of woods and styles, from inexpensive paint to very expensive hardwood structures. It is also possible to make your own chair rail molding with standard trim or clear material.

There are professionals who can help you complete the task of the crown and chair rail molding for you. Many types of combinations of molding can be used for both chair rail and crown molding, the professionals will always help you select the best material that suits the style.

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