How Does Different Lighting Affect Interior Paint Colors?

When choosing the paint colors for your interior rooms, you have to keep the natural and artificial lights of your room in your mind. This is because the natural and artificial paint color of your room can actually affect the way how your paint color looks.

The natural sunlight changes throughout the day and the amount of natural light your room receives actually depends on its location. On the other hand, artificial light changes when you choose a different type of bulb in your room. All these lights can directly affect the paint color that you are going to apply on the interior walls in your room. Therefore, before you actually choose a particular paint color for your room, it is important to understand how different lighting affects the interior paint colors.

Effect of Sunlight on Interior Paint Colors:

You may experience slight changes in the interior paint color depending on the amount and angle of sunlight the room receives. It is important to consider sunlight when choosing a paint color for your home. If you have an interior wall that is facing the North, you may receive Sunlight which is cool and slightly bluish.

Therefore, it is important to choose a bolder color in North Facing rooms, because the bolder color will look better than the lighter colors. On the other hand, you will get a lot of skylights if you have a South facing the room. This type of Sunlight brings the best out of cool and warm colors. East facing rooms may experience a yellowish light before noon, which turns blue later the day. These types of rooms are best to use reds and warm colors.

Effect of Artificial Light on Interior Paint Colors:

The type of artificial light you use in your room can actually make a difference as to how your color alters. For example, the warm yellow light of incandescent bulbs can turn your red interior walls more vivid. Also, these types of light can completely mute colors like blues and greens. Also, fluorescent bulbs are flat and cool and can enrich paint colors like blue and green. On the other hand, CFL lights can produce plain white light, which is good for all types of paint color.

Effect of LEDs on Interior Paint Colors:

LED lights are widely popular nowadays as you can control its light color by using wireless remotes. These types of a bulb can give your interior paint color and warmer or cooler look.

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