How to Remove a Textured Ceiling

Removing a textured ceiling is a popular home improvement project.  Many homeowners feel textured ceilings are outdated and reflect what was done in the 1980’s or before.

There are many types of textured ceilings:  swirl, popcorn and the stipple are the most common.  Each of these ceilings may require a different technique to remove the texture finish.  Below I will outline three (3) ways that you can make a textured ceiling smooth.  With all the techniques, make sure the room is fully protected with drops and plastic.

The easiest way to remove a texture ceiling is to use a wide scraper-8-10 inches works best.  Simply scrape off the old texture.  This most often works with popcorn ceiling finishes.  Try this technique as a first option if the ceiling having the texture removed is in good, sound shape.  Scrape all texture off the ceiling and dispose of the debris.  If the ceiling is in good shape, then just prime and paint.

The second way to remove the texture from the ceiling is to use an electric sander.  Please make sure you use a dust mask or respirator.  Use the electric sander to sand the ceiling smooth.  After this, make sure the ceiling is free of dust residue, then prime and paint.

The third way to remove a textured ceiling is to drywall right on top of the existing ceiling.  Depending on what type of texture, some areas may need to be scraped or sanded prior to installing the drywall.  Install the drywall and finish the drywall to paint ready.

A great resource for this type of project is YouTube.  Just search for ‘remove textured ceiling’.  There are many “how-to” videos to view.

Hope this information was helpful.  If you have any specific questions, feel free to call us at 410-654-6000.

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