How You Can Paint House Exterior with Surface Temperature of 35 Degrees?

Exterior painting can be the most dreadful during cold weather. Most of the homeowners and handyman workers are seeking the best ways to paint during cold weather. Exterior painting is seasonal and there are many factors that create difficulty when painting during cold weather temperatures ranging between 35 degree and 50 degree Fahrenheit.

However, if you don’t have any other options and you want to paint your house exterior surfaces in 35 degree temperature, you can keep the How Does Low Temperature Affect Paintfollowing things in mind:

How Does Low Temperature Affect Paint?

When you want to paint your house exterior during cold weather, it is important to realize how low temperature can affect paint condition and how temperature changes the paint drying option. Low temperature also changes the characteristics and performance of the paint applied on your exterior surfaces.

Another important reason why paint gets affected in cold temperature is because the natural oil and resin contents of the alkyd and oil based paints become more viscous in a temperature range between 35 and 50 degree. Therefore, when you want to apply paint on your exterior house surfaces in cold weather, some paints are likely to become very thick or semi-solid that sometime might require more thinning. In fact, latex based paints will surely freeze at low temperatures.

How to Choose the Right Paint in Cold Weather?

As mentioned earlier, latex based paint will freeze if they are not taken care properly. If would be really difficult/impossible to paint the exterior surfaces if the paint has become freeze. When painting during cold temperature, it is important to understand when paint becomes unusable. As a general rule, if consistent lump is found in the paint, then the paint is no longer usable.

How to Recoat You Exterior House Surfaces During Cold weather?

Since cold weather slows down the drying time of the paint, it will extend the recoating time as well. When you are using latex based paint in temperature 35 degree, the recoat time will be extended to 6-8 hours. The recoat time will be extended more when you are using alkyd based paint in cold weather. Some of the issues you may face when you try to paint in surface temperature between 35 and 50 degree Fahrenheit are color mismatching and lacking color uniformity, film cracking, and poor touch up.

If you have no other choice and still want to paint exterior surfaces in cold weather, you need make sure that the paint is recommended by the manufacturer to use in cold weather.

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