Painting Exterior Brick Can Renew And Modernize Your Home’s Exterior

As a homeowner, you know that a painted brick has a style all its own as it looks more decorating and aesthetically pleasing. Painting the exterior brick can be a great idea as they can renew and modernize your home’s exterior. If you are planning on painting brick, you need toHome Renovation Ideas make sure to patch all types of cracks and ruts that are mainly caused by ivy breaking through when the bricks are outside.

By applying the following brick painting process you can actually renew and renovate your home’s exterior.

Clean the Brick:

The first step is to clean the bricks properly by using a pressure washer. A pressure washer is considered the simplest way of cleaning the exterior brick. When pressure washing the exterior brick, you need to set the pressure between 1500 and 200 pounds per square inch. You should not use higher pressure than this pressure range when you wash the bricks, as higher pressure can damage the mortar. In order to remove the more difficult mildew deposits, you can add some soap to the stream. The primary aim of the pressure wash is to clear any dirt, grime, and loose paint.

Remove Loose Paint:

You need to remove all loose paint which is left behind the brick face. Otherwise, this may cause early chipping when you eventually apply your coat. You can use a hand scraper to get the larger pieces. Never use a wire brush as it may damage the bricks.

Sand the Bricks:

Once the dirt and mildew are removed, you need to sand the brick smooth by using a good quality sander with a minimum 80 grit paper. You should also repair any missing or damaged mortar. It is good to use a premixed acrylic mortar patch as it enables you to prime and paint as soon as it is dry. You can also use a powder mortar and mix it yourself, but this will take few weeks to dry before you are able to begin priming. It is also important to apply a good quality primer on the brick before painting.

Paint the Brick:

When you are choosing exterior paint to apply on the brick, you should choose elastomeric or 100% acrylic latex. It is good to apply at least two coats in order to achieve the highest durability. To get the best result, you need to brush and roll the bricks as you would any other wall.

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