How Radiant Barrier Paint Can Help Save On Your Energy Bills?

You can transform your ordinary paint into an energy saving, thermal blocking coating material by using Radiant Barrier Paint. The idea behind Radiant Barrier was introduced by NASA in 1950 to keep the astronaut’s temperature stable inside their space suits as well as on space walks. However, today radiant barrier paint is considered as an inexpensive house remodeling product and is largely used by the general Radiant Barrier Paintpublic as well.

What is Radiant Barrier Paint?

Radiant barrier paint is generally produced with a non-toxic, chemically stable glass bubbles and is able to significantly block up to 99% of the harmful ultra-violet rays of the sun. These types of paints can be applied to both the exterior and interior of a house and it acts as a protective barrier from the scorching heat of the sun. The very characteristics of radiant barrier paint even lower your energy bills and as an added advantage, this type of paint sometimes insulates from the sound as well.

How does Radiant Barrier Paint help?

You can apply radiant barrier paint anywhere as a primer on your interior or exterior walls. You can even apply this type of paint to the ceilings that face the scorching heat of the sun. As these paints are produced with ceramic and aluminum pigment, they will provide the painted area with a metallic reflective heat shield that reflects the heat back into the room. In addition, radiant barrier paint also creates a water vapor barrier that actually keeps your wall insulation dry and at the same time removes the damp feeling within your house interior. You can also apply a finish with a decorative color coat for extra insulation.

How Can Radiant Barrier Paint Help Save On Your Energy Bills?

Once you apply the radiant barrier paint on your exterior wall, it acts as an insulating coating to the walls and as a result you restrict the heat loss through the wall during the winter months. Similarly, it helps you gaining the heat during the summer. This eliminates the use the air-conditioners and as a result, you save high on your energy bills.

As mentioned earlier, the radiant barrier paint creates a thermally reflective layer that can reflect 99% of the heat radiation. As the thermal load of your home is lowered to a great extent, the air conditioner on your house run more efficiently and at the same time lowers your energy bills.

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