The Advantages of Using Flat Paint on Your Ceiling

When homeowners decide to paint their ceiling in their home, the first thing comes in their mind is which paint to choose. Painting a ceiling is often considered a daunting task, but with right tools, techniques, and a little hard work, most professional painting contractors can completeFlat Paint on Your Ceiling the task on time.

Gone are those days when most homeowners used to choose flat white paint for ceiling. Today’s homeowners are realizing that their ceiling paint color can improve the overlook of the room. However, your needs should be considered when choosing the perfect paint colors for the ceiling. Nevertheless, painting ceiling other than white is a bit tricky. Therefore, you need to hire the best painting contractors who have years of experience in this type of project.

Type of Paint:

The most important thing that comes in the mind of homeowners when choosing the perfect paint color for the ceiling is which paint type to choose. Although there are some homeowners that use ordinary paint, experts always recommend flat paint for ceiling. Flat paint is an ideal choice for ceiling which tend to have flaws. Mentioned below are the advantages of using flat paint over other types of paint.

Non-Reflective Nature:

The reflective nature of semi-gloss and high-gloss paint will emphasize any scratches or damages in the ceiling, making flat paint a better choice in ceiling with little damage and wear. Flat paint can even be very useful when using over areas in new drywall ceiling construction where the taping is not sanded properly as it should be. The joints of ceilings where a porous compound is used for bonding may also be a good choice for flat paint.

Flat Paint is Durable:

Another reason flat paint is chosen over semi-gloss or high-gloss paint when it comes to paint ceiling is because of its high durability. Semi-gloss paint is actually less durable than flat paint since the minor scratches can be enough to show the entire wall’s appearance. Furthermore, flat is more porous which actually allows dirt and grease to stick far better than it would on a semi-gloss or high-gloss paint.

Best Finish:

Flat paint provides the ceiling with the most outstanding finish with the best color payout. Therefore, flat paint should be your obvious choice if you want a saturated, velvety flat finish on your ceiling. If you ceiling has imperfections like uneven textures, cracks and joints, flat paint will surely absorb light and make them less noticeable.

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