The Best Color to Paint a House that’s For Sale

The home sellers are often advised by the experts to apply a fresh coat of paint before showing the house to a potential home buyer. However, it is vital to analysis the color prior to applying the same on the wall. The paint you are planning to apply on the walls of your home should have an impact so that it can draw the attention of a potential home buyer.

According to the paint experts, there are many different colors that can actually improve the aesthetic appeal of your home and can boost its selling price. Paint colors can actually act as an impressive tool to attract a home buyer if it is used strategically. Mentioned below are some important paint color ideas that can actually increase your home’s selling price.

Apply Blue on the Front Door:

The best way to attract the potential home buyer is to paint your front door in blue or shades of navy blue. Front door actually makes the first impression on potential buyers as they see it first when entering your house. Blue gives you a sense of royalty and painting your front door in blue makes the potential buyer feel like they have entered in a royal place.

Use Gray Blue for Kitchen:

Although often overlooked, you should consider about repainting your kitchen prior to listing your house in the property selling website. When it comes to applying paint on kitchen walls, gray-blue gives it a sober look. According to the experts, houses with soft gray-blue kitchen have a direct impact in increasing the selling price of your home.

Light Beige in Living Rooms:

Home buyers always have a tendency to attract something which is painted in beige. Therefore, light beige and oatmeal will be the best choice for your living room to give it a refreshing look.

Blue Bedroom:

Again, applying blue in your bedroom can help you boost your house’s selling price. Blue is actually a soothing color and most of the home buyers prefer a bedroom with light blue shades. Bedrooms painted in blue can actually help increase the aesthetic value of your room and create a positive impact on the minds of the potential buyer.

Bathroom in Purple Shades:

Last but not the least; you should never forget to repaint your bathroom prior to selling your house. When it comes to painting your bathroom, picking purple hues will be the best choice. There could be a huge boost in the average selling price of your home if you apply a soothing shade of purple on the walls in your bathroom.

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