The Best Type of Paint to Use on Dryvit

Dryvit is a stucco manufacturer that has different stucco systems and the most popular of them are 3 coat stucco systems, EIFS systems, and decorative systems, etc. Dryvit stucco is actually the name of a stucco company. Dryvit stucco is popular for quite some time and it has taken

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an important role in promoting the synthetic stucco and EIFS cladding system. This is the reason why a lot of people use the name of Dryvit stucco when it comes to referring to synthetic stucco.

Can you paint Dryvit?

There are many homeowners who have confusions about painting dryvit stucco. The reason behind the confusion is because there are many different variations of stucco and stucco systems out there. This is a type of exterior siding and you can surely apply paint on Dryvit stucco. House owners who have Dryvit stucco in their exterior siding are often concerned about this specific type of stucco and remain confused as to whether they would put the effort in repairing the cracks or apply a fresh coat of paint color on the stucco. In the past, if you were asked about painting Dryvit stucco, the answer was a big NO. However, today you can most definitely paint Dryvit stucco.

Best Type of Paint to Use on Dryvit:

Before you apply paint on Dryvit, it is important to clean the mold and mildew by using a solution of bleach and water. It is important to rinse the entire surface with water and allow it to dry completely. Depending on the characteristic of the Dryvit stucco, paint contractors may suggest Acrylic latex paint for the same.

Acrylic Latex Paint:

Acrylic latex paint is the best for using on Dryvit stucco as it is easy to apply and you can clean the same by using water and a mild detergent. When used properly, acrylic latex paint provide the stucco surface with a good gloss and color. Also, most homeowners prefer to use acrylic latex paint as they dry in no time.

Revyvit for Dryvit Stucco:

Although most paint contractors use a regular, good quality, and 100% acrylic latex exterior paint for Dryvit, the manufacturer (Dryvit) offers a paint called “Revyvit” which is usually used for repainting Dryvit synthetic stucco. However, the main drawback of working with this product is that Revyvit is only available at some selected paint stores and comes in only 5-gallon sizes.

On the other hand, it is convenient to use regular acrylic latex paint for dryvit and it is easily available and you can purchase it in reasonable sizes.

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