The Three Most Popular Paint Colors Professional Painters Are Applying To Walls

Although there are not any hard and fast rules when it comes to apply paint on interior walls, painting contractors often suggest some popular colors to their clients. Whether you are looking for a soothing paint color to live with for a while or something that makes your tiny bedroom look just bigger, you can consult the professional painting contractors in your area to come up with some popular paint color ideas.Professional Painters

According to the modern painting experts, the trends have come around to perennial favorites. Paint colors like deep blue red, black and light black, refreshing duck egg blue, and blue with grey shades are most favorite nowadays. Mentioned below are three most popular paint colors that professional painters are applying to walls nowadays.

Dusty and Smoky:

Dusty and smoky palettes of colors are coming through the market nowadays. Professional painters often use popular dusty and smoky colors like Resene Mesmerize, Resene Soulmate etc. These types of color palettes feel timeless. They also get weathered gently and softened over the course of time. Professionals also suggest smoky and dusty paint colors since they are easy to live and coordinate with and are a sophisticated alternative to cleaner pastels.


Painting contractors often prefer red when it comes to apply paint colors to the wall. Reds are actually strong and powerful and can create a positive effect within the room. Red when used with influencing blue tones can create a great combination. Apart from the popularly used reds, fire engine red is also used abundantly with hues like hot magenta pink. Red is also popular since it acts as a useful device for way finding and grabs the attention of a visitor.

Brown and Grey:

Browns are also becoming a most popular choice when it comes to interior painting. Professional painters, nowadays, are using brown with yellow tones, since they make them more complimentary with wood. Warm dark brown are also considered highly sought after color nowadays. When used properly, brown creates an excellent sophisticated combination with timber. Painting contractors often choose brown to contrast other color choices.

Grey, on the other hand, has a hidden depth and is most commonly used by the painting contractors. Deep grey is mostly preferred by those who love density and depth but don’t want the plainness of black. However, grey acts as a sleeker alternative for homeowners who are looking for something new.

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