Three Best Apps To Help Beautify and Protect Your Home

Technology can help us immensely with keeping our homes up to date. Many of us have smart phones and those that don’t still have access to internet resources. The applications below ten years ago would cost us lots of time and money, now the three apps below are available at the click of a button.

1. ColorSnap – This Sherwin Williams app is great for comparing different colors. You can use the photos already in the app and try out different colors. You can also upload your own personal photos.

2. HomesAvvy – This app is a must for any homeowner. This app lets you set up a home maintenance plan, then sends you alerts each time a task needs to be completed. Things such as changing HVAC filters, changing batteries in smoke detectors, or when you need to have your gutters cleaned.

3. Remodelista – Gives you great ideas for every room in your home. There are lots of photos and descriptions to help you.

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