Truly Incredible!! Benjamin Moore Scuff-X Paint

Among thousands of Benjamin Moore colors, Scuff-X is considered the next generation of paint. Benjamin Moore Scuff-X paint is ideal for high –traffic interiors. Scuff-X is popular since it is able to withstand dings, scrapes, scratches, tough, scrubbing, and others. Scuff-X is a latex paint, which is available in matte, eggshell, and satin finishes.

When Was Scuff-X Paint Launched?

Benjamin Moore launched its Scuff-X paint nationally across the United States in the year 2017. It was named Scuff-X since it is known as scuff-resistant product and it can prevent scuffing. Once applied on the surface, you need minimum maintenance to look after the paint.

How Scuff-X Was Designed?

Benjamin Moore’s Scuff-X was designed by an experienced team of chemists. This type of paint was originally developed for professionals. Scuff-X was mainly developed for high-traffic areas that require additional physical demands. The areas in your house, that receive high traffic, or especially in commercial environments, there are ample scopes for the walls to be rubbed, marked, and stained, by the impact of people. This was a challenge for the professional painters to apply good quality paint in such areas that withstand these types of scrapes, dings, scratches, rubs, etc. Benjamin Moore’s Scuff-X was actually a solution that fulfilled the needs of proper maintenance of the most challenging commercial spaces that receive a high amount of traffic.

Scuff-X Specifications:

The main reason behind the development of Scuff-X paint was to ensure that the product could meet some specific criteria. The most important characteristic of Benjamin Moore Scuff-X paint is that it is a single component of latex paint, which is very easy to apply and use.

Scuff-X is a low odor paint and as a result, you can apply the paint in commercial environments while continuing the everyday operations. Also, the low emission of VOCs ensures that it is not harmful to the people. Apart from that, Benjamin Moore Scuff-X was popular since it was fast drying.

Since it was launched, Benjamin Moore’s Scuff-X received overwhelmingly positive responses from the people, including the facility managers, maintenance professionals, architects, and commercial painting contractors. Scuff-X was actually very successful since it was so innovative and revolutionary.

Even today, Benjamin Moore Scuff-X is highly popular for use in high-traffic retail locations, hotels, corporate spaces, healthcare facilities and more. Since it is very innovative, Scuff-X will continue to grow within the commercial and professional segments.

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