Two Water Based Trim Paints That Provides Smooth Finish

The type of paint you choose for your trim is just as important as the color. The paint type that you choose can have a major impact on the look and feel of your trim and the finish that you want to achieve. However, if you are not sure as to which paint type to choose, the best option is to do research. You should research and learn more about the characteristics of different paint types – which can prevent your time and money

Water-based Paint

Water-based trim paints are highly popular nowadays. It is easy to use water-based paint on the surface of your trim. However, if you previously applied an oil-based paint on the surface of the trim, you should be more careful when switching to a water-based paint as it may have trouble sticking.

For those instances where you want to use water-based trim paints, you should consider using Ben Moore Advance and Sherwin Williams Pro classic.

Benjamin Moore Advance

Ben Moore advanced trim paint offers an entire waterborne system for your interior trims. This paint type is very easy to apply and has excellent leveling properties. Benjamin Moore Advanced trim paint is mostly used for interior trims since it is excellent for blocking household stains. They are available in all colors and are easily washable by using soap and water.

To start with a trim paint project, you need caulk, sanding block, painters tape, Benjamin Moore primer, and Ben Moore Advance trim paint. It is also important to use the best quality brushes for painting the trim. It is recommended to use 1 ½ and 2 ½ inch angle sash brushes that are readily available in the market. It is also recommended to use only high-quality nylon paintbrushes. Inexpensive paintbrushes may leave brush marks or loose bristles as you apply paint on the trim.

Sherwin Williams Pro Classic

Sherwin Williams Pro Classic is an excellent choice for interior doors and trims. You can achieve a smooth and luxurious finish on interior trims by using Sherwin Williams Pro Classic paint as it offers excellent flow and sag resistance for a smooth and durable finish. It is a water-based paint that delivers a high-performing and non-yellowing finish that looks great. Sherwin Williams Pro Classic trim paint also withstands the toughest wear and tear. If applied properly on your interior trims, you will receive a very smooth finish without any brush or roller marks.

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