Which Walls Make the Best Accent Walls?

Coloring a home always need some passion and love for decorating your home. Based on the nature of human beings, there are different kinds of people who have different sorts of taste and preference. Some prefer elegant look whether others can prefer the rough look. Some prefer normal colored wall whether, on the other hand, some prefer accent walls. Rest of all can be achieved, but for the accent walls, you accent wall tipshave to make your mind at first. There are many people who have a query in their mind before deciding the color, and this is basically a normal query that which walls make the best accent walls.

Though you will find experts who can guide you through the process, but as a homeowner, you should have an idea. Choosing the perfect wall for accent option is itself a challenging job. At the very first time, you have to remember that accent wall will be a focal point in your room. So you have to understand that which wall of your room has those criteria to draw the attention of others. Here are some important things that you should keep in your mind while deciding on the accent wall.

  • WALL WITH NO INTERVENTIONS: 80% people choose a solid wall with no intervention behind a sofa or a bed. The reason is that it is no doubt a place where you can play with a bold color. It adds a visual interest as well.
  • A STRUCTURALLY DESIGNED WALL: 10% people prefer that wall which is slightly different, in the aspect of structure, with the other walls of the room. If you are in a process of building a new room, then ask your builder to make a symmetrical wall, so that you can make it a choice for the accent wall.
  • CEILING OF THE ROOM: Rest 10% people prefer the 5th wall of the room, which is the ceiling of the room. This is actually a trend right now. According to many experts, it is one of the best places to choose and make it an accent wall.

As mentioned before, different people have different choices based on their taste and sense of coloring. That is the reason why you have to consult with an experienced person before deciding these small but critical aspects of coloring a home. It doesn’t cost you a more but an accent wall can convert your room to a heaven where you can cherish your leisure time with your family.

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