What Are The Best Way To Spruce Up Your Garage?

For so many of us, garage is a special place. It’s not only the place where people generally store favorite recreational gear as well as gardening tools, but it’s also considered as the place to stash items that just don’t fit indoors anymore. With all that stuffs we store into the garage, it’s easily understandable how the place can so easily become cluttered and full of dirt.

Painting your garage is the easiest and cost-effective way to freshen up your old, dull garage. With a little strategic planning and good quality paint, you can spruce up the place as required.

Painting Your Garage Walls:

Painting your old and dirty garage could be the most useful idea to give it a fresh look. Painting can do a lot to spruce up your old garage. The main difference between painting the interior walls of your house and garage walls is the type of paint you need to use. For example, eggshell or satin-sheen is typically recommended for painting interiors, but shouldn’t be used on garage walls. You should use a thicker, tougher, mildew resistant exterior paint to give your garage walls a refreshing look. The best way to do this is to use a bright acrylic latex paint for your garage walls.

When painting your garage walls, it is important to fill the holes in the walls with vinyl spackling and then wipe excess spackling with a damp cloth. It is also important to mask all window, door facings, electrical outlets and switches with painter’s tape.

Painting the Ceiling of Your Garage:

Painting is the simplest way to give a great finish to your garage ceiling. It gives your garage a refreshing look. Before you start painting the ceiling of your garage, you need to move all items from the floor so you can move freely when you are painting. Please get a stepladder if the ceiling is high. You can use plastic drop cloths to protect the walls from spatters.

Applying Epoxy Paint on the Garage Floors:

You can easily transform your dull garage floor into a brilliantly painted place in just one weekend with a high quality, durable epoxy floor finish. In order to ensure the success of the epoxy paint job, always spend time in quality prep work. Removing the oil spots from the garage floor, cleaning and degreasing the floor, scrubbing it with a mild acid etc are essentially required when it comes to apply epoxy paint on your garage floors.

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