What Are The Best Ways to Paint Aluminum Siding?

Since its inception in the year 1940, aluminum siding has become an immensely popular low-maintenance alternative to the wood siding. There were many reasons behind the popularity of aluminum siding. First, they are very lightweight and very easy to install. Also, the maintenance cost related to the aluminum siding is very low.

The only problem that is related to the aluminum siding is that it chalks and fades too early. Therefore, it is really a challenge for the homeowners to take proper care to freshen up the aluminum siding. The good news is that the modern aluminum siding can also be painted. Painting an existing aluminum siding is a better choice rather than replacing it with a new one.

However, there are some important things that a homeowner should consider before applying a fresh coat of paint on an existing aluminum siding.

Cleaning the Surface:

Surface preparation, like all other paint projects, takes an important role in determining the success of aluminum siding paint projects. It is important to remove any chalking or mildew from the surface of the aluminum siding so that paint can properly adhere. The best way to check for a chalky surface is to rubbing the surface by your hand and taking a look at your palm. If you find that your hand is chalky, you have removed the chalk from the surface of the aluminum siding before applying a fresh coat of paint.

Priming Aluminum Siding:

If you find that there are bare aluminum exposed in your aluminum siding, you should prime the surface prior to applying paint on it. Priming is also necessary if the surface of the aluminum siding is badly weathered and peeling from a previous paint job. However, priming is not so necessary if the siding finish is only faded from extreme sunlight. In that case, you just need to apply a good quality of acrylic paint.

If priming is required you should purchase a good quality acrylic primer. Don’t forget to sand the surface before applying the primer.

Spray Paint Aluminum Siding:

The best way to apply paint on the surface of the aluminum siding is to use an airless sprayer. When it comes to applying paint on aluminum siding, brushing and rolling are not too effective as they don’t look as nice as a sprayed finish. To minimize overspray, you can use a smaller spray tip and lower down the pressure on the sprayer.

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