What Are The Interior Paint Color Trends for 2020

The color that we choose for our house interiors is very important. The interior color gives us a sensation and emotion. That is why it is always important to choose the color according to the recent trends.

If you are concerned about the paint color of your home, it is always a good day when a paint brand shades light on the upcoming trends. Fortunately, a lot of paint manufacturers have already released their 2020 color trends palette. In this color palette, the paint manufacturers have tried to explain the color trends for the year 2020, in addition to the trends that are currently being seen and that will continue until the next year.

Mentioned below are few interesting color trends for 2020. These are some examples of popular paint color palettes 2020 that can be applied to the interior walls.

Dark Color will Rule in 2020:

We all consider white, gray, and beige as a neutral color. However, in 2020 dark colors will be the new addition to the neutral territory. Around 66% of the paint experts have already agreed that black is now considered as a neutral tone and the black and other shades of the dark will actually rule in 2020. Nevertheless, there are few other paint experts who have named sage green, navy blue, and blush pink as the neutral paint color.

Beige Will Come Back in the Row:

During the last few years, beige was rather out of choice for most homeowners and various shades of gray have been slathered on interior walls around the globe. However, according to the interior design experts, beige is ready for a grand comeback. Apart from the beige, there will be other paint colors like deep, bold tones of navy blue and hunter green, which will be another paint color trends to expect in 2020.

Color Choice will be varied by Generations:

The new generation is more exciting to go for bright colors and therefore, we can expect to brighter paint colors trending in 2020. According to most paint experts, a large portion of the young folks is more likely to choose bright, like bright yellow and orange hues in their interior rooms. However, the older generations will still like to use neutral paint colors like white, black, and beige. Therefore, these types of colors will be the most requested colors by the generations above Gen Z.

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