What Can You Put in Porch Paint to Make it Slip Resistant?

Non-slip surfaces can be considered as an essential safety features for porch. A slippery porch can always be hazardous if left unattended. You can easily solve this problem by applying a few coats of high quality non-slip paint. While premade nonslip paints are available nowadays,Porch Paint the main problem with these types of premade nonslip paint is that they are thicker and less user-friendly. A brilliant solution to solve this problem is to avoid premade nonslip paint and use paint that you mix yourself. There are many different ways to make a porch paint slip resistant.

Using Additives and Acrylic Resins:

One important way is to mix a good quality grit additives that are commonly found in the home improvement store into the porch paint of your choice. Also, you can put a few coats of high quality acrylic resin. Acrylic resin will not only make your porch slip resistant but will also protect it from water damage, ultra violet radiation, abrasion and foot traffic. This is really useful as it can be directly applied on the porch paint as a clear coat or you can use it as a pigmentation in a color of your choice.

Cleaning the Surface:

Before you put anything on the porch paint to make it nonslip or mix an additives to the porch paint, you must clean the surface well by using a broom. You need to sweep away all types of loose debris, dirt, and sand. Once it is done, you need to fill a bucket with hot water and mix ΒΌ cup of trisodium phosphate in the same. You can collect TSP from any of the local home improvement store. Kindly note TSP is harmful for skin, therefore you must wear hand gloves while working with this. What you need to do is to apply the solution to the porch surface and rinse completely to make sure the surface is completely free from all dirt and debris.

Mixing Acrylic Resin in Porch Paint:

The next step is to mix the acrylic resin into the porch paint and apply the same in the surface. Also, you can stir the acrylic resin thoroughly with a paint stick and apply the same on the surface of the porch by using a roller brush. This will made your porch paint nonslip.

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