What to do with your Dog or cat when having the Interior of your Home Painted?

Pets are always a part of your family. Therefore, it’s vital to keep them at a safe place at all times. This is specifically important when you are going through a home renovation project. Home renovation projects like interior painting can create a lot of troubles for pet dog or cat, so it’s important to keep your pets at the safe distance. This will help you to keep them safe as well as improve the quality of the interior paint job.

Pet animals, especially dogs, and cats are used to the natural environment of your house and they get irritated when a stranger comes in or make noise. During a paint job, a lot of strangers come to your house and make noise, which tends to stress them out. Also, the toxic fumes present in the paint color is not safe for pet dogs and cats. Apart from that, some small items like loose screws, plastic, paint brushes, cords etc may be left lying on the floor, which could be harmful to the pets. Therefore, you need to take some precautions to keep your pet safe during the interior paint job.

Mentioned below are some important things to do with your dog or cat when having the interior of your home painted.

Shift Your Pets to Another Room/ Area:

If you are planning to repaint a particular place or area of your house, then you can shift your pet to another area of your house along with their food, water, toys, litter box etc. This will help your pets to stay at a safe place far from the crowd of strangers and noises.

Send Your Pets to a Local Kennel:

In case you have a small house and you are planning to repaint the entire house, then it is better to send your pet dog or cat to a local kennel. Shifting your pet dogs and cats to a local kennel is specifically important when you have a long-term project. For shorter paint project, you can consider checking a local pet daycare that can take care of your pets for a couple of days.

Another thing you can do with your pets during a paint job is to ask any of your friend or relative to watch them until the completion of your project.

You should always keep in mind that paint and pet are not a good combination. Therefore, it’s your duty as a pet owner to keep your pets away from the harmful paint fumes for their safety.

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