What Will Be The Most Popular Color Trends for This Year and Next?

While you are still busy with the last minute preparation for the Christmas party, color forecasters have already predicted what colors will be the best for the New Year. Color forecasters are actually part designers, sociologists, and professional painters and they information from the paint manufacturers, painting contractors, housewares industry, trade shows, and lifestyle magazines etc. While forecasting the color trends for the next year, they also consider what’s happening in the current year and how this impacts on our decision to choose color for our home.most popular color trends for this year and next

High Contrast Color for Dining Room:

High contrast color was popular in 2015 and will be the biggest hit in 2016 as well. Chromatic bright colors mingled with dark moody tones will surely suit the best in exotic dining room in 2016 as well. Dining rooms that activate the senses with a playful interaction of color will be the best way to welcome your guests in 2016.

Traditional Horizontal Borders:

The traditional horizontal borders of color at the top as well as at the bottom of your wall will be still popular in 2016. Traditional borders will help a narrow room feel wider and more stylish. You can create a brilliant contrast and eye-catching combinationsby blending bright and dark color. Neutral tones will also look good with gold, coral, and sapphire and this will give a radiant look to your room.

Blurred Boundaries:

When it comes to get a modern style home, you can look for organic furniture shapes, subtle and natural paint combination. For example, you can use natural greens and blues to create a relaxing appearance a bedroom. This type of color trends were very popular in 2015 and will be the best way to elevate the style of your room.

Use Layers of Warm Colors:

Colors and lights will create the most emerging trend in 2016. You can even elevate the style of the home by using layers of warm colors, shiny surfaces, and plush textures on your house interior. A living room with pleasant lightingincreases the feminine elegance. You can even improve the look by using high gloss finish on the ceiling, trim, and cabinetry. Literally, high gloss finish will reflect lights in dazzling ways.

Hot Color Combination:

Just as the single color waxes were popular in 2015 the coming year will see the popularity of hot color combos. Hot colors like brown and blue has been a favorite for several years and will be a must choice through 2016 as well.

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