What’s the Best Roller Cover to Use to Paint a Bathroom?

You probably have stood in front of paint rollers in your local paint store or home improvement store and wondered what the difference between roller cover is. Some of the paint rollers are thick and some are thin. Also, they come in many colors. All these make you little confused.best paint roller brand

Actually the surface you’re going to paint determines the type and thickness of the paint roller you will need to choose. For example, thick roller covers are ideal for using on stucco, decks, bricks, and masonry. This is because the thick roller covers can hold more paint and can be good for rough surfaces. Medium nap roller covers are ideal for ceiling and drywall. On the other hand, small roller covers are good for walls, wood, and metal surfaces because they produce the smoothest finish.

Roller Cover for Bathroom:

Painting your bathroom is an important task that requires an adequate amount of research and technique. There is two basic type of paint roller cover that comes with large 9-inch roller frames and a smaller 4-inch style. You can use the large roller for bigger surfaces of your bathroom like walls and ceilings, while the smaller style roller covers are ideal for doors. If required, you can screw on a paint roller extension pole to each roller frame to make sure you reach the high places easily. If you want no roller edge lines to show up in your finish, you can choose the rounded end of the foam roller cover.

Microfiber Roller Covers:

Actually, the roller covers are made from woven materials. They also come in various styles and colors. For example, white, yellow, and blue paint roller covers are widely popular. For the bathroom, you can choose microfiber roller covers as well. These types of roller covers come with a white cover with diagonal blue stripes. These types of paint roller covers work the best on light to the medium textured surface and can be the best choice for your bathroom. However, if you have a smoother surface on your bathroom walls, you can use a white woven short nap roller, especially for the edges. This type of roller cover will provide you with an ultra fine finish.

When it comes to purchasing roller covers for your bathroom, you always need to choose the best ones that you can afford. Usually, the high-quality roller covers will last much longer than the cheap ones and will give you a better result.

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