What’s the Best Time of Year to do Exterior Painting?

There is a best season for everything, and the best season for painting the exterior of your house is definitely not the winter, unless you live in a moderate climate. The best season to do your exterior painting is during the warmer months and it is also important to choose a good day for the job. Exterior painting on the wrong seasons may lead to various problems such as flaking paint, runs, cracks and bubbles.

Painting the exterior of your house is best done in the fall when there is moderate temperature, and the weather is not too hot or too cold. Typically the best temperature range for painting exterior with any type of paint is from 50 degree to 85 degree Fahrenheit. However, painting during the high summer months can cause paint to dry too quickly, which may result in brush marks and clumps of paint on the paintbrush. On the other hand, painting in tool cold season can cause the paint to not adhere well to the exterior surface, which may results in cracking and peeling.

The Best Season for Exterior Painting:

Basically the best season to paint the exterior of your house depends on your local conditions. For e.g. if you live the Northern climatic zone where it’s too familiar to get snow, it’s the best to wait until the end of spring to paint to provide your exterior with enough time to dry out properly. Summer could be a good time to paint the exterior of your house, but it can also bring wind, and painting in windy climate is virtually impossible. Wind carries overspray from your paint sprayer here and there and pollutes the already painted surfaces with dirt.

Ideal Weather Conditions for Exterior Painting:

When you are planning to start an exterior house painting project, you need to check the weather report on a daily basis. Ideally, the best day for exterior painting is on the day when the temperature is likely to remain fairly warm. A temperature range is between 50 and 85 degree Fahrenheit is ideal for painting the exterior of your house. However, if you are working with oil based paint, you will get good result in a temperature range between 40 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure there is little to no wind in the weather forecast. Also keep in mind that sunlight can warm the painted surface and cause cracking. Therefore, a partly cloudy weather is better than a sunny day to paint the exterior of your house.

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