Which Walls Make The Best Accent Walls?

Sometimes it is confusing for the homeowners to decide which wall they should pick as an accent wall. This is the reason why homeowners often ask for expert’s suggestion as to whether they should pick a solid wall, a fireplace wall, or the wall which had a window and door as an accent wall.

No matter how you feel about the accent walls, it is very much popular among the homeowners. The most important thing that you need to keep in mind when choosing an accent wall is that it is going to be the focal point in your room. Therefore, you need to make sure that the wall draws the attention of a visitor. It is important to apply a thought process behind choosing an accent wall. In most cases, homeowners choose a random sidewall as an accent wall just because it is a solid wall. However, this is not correct as you have to follow some important rules when choosing an accent wall. Mentioned below are some of the instances that can make good accent wall.

A Solid Wall that has no Breaks:

A solid wall that has no breaks is always a good choice for accent walls. In most cases, paint experts suggest using a solid wall behind the sofa or bed as an accent wall. This is because these types of walls give you an opportunity to use a pop of bold colors to make it visually appealing to an otherwise less brighten room.

A Symmetrical Wall with Windows:

A wall with windows or doors is normally not a good choice for an accent wall. However, if there is no other option and you need to use a wall with windows or other any other architectural structure as an accent wall, then you should choose the wall which is symmetrical. For example, if the wall is symmetrical with two matching windows, then it can be a good choice for an accent wall. It is important to add color to this type of accent wall so that it matches to the furniture and other accessories to draw your attention.

Don’t Forget the Ceiling:

Normally overlooked, the ceiling of your room is a good choice for an accent wall. A ceiling is actually considered the fifth wall of your room. As applying colors on the ceiling of a room is a popular trend nowadays, most homeowners now prefer adding a pop of color in it. Just like the solid walls, a painted ceiling can be a good accent wall, if they are painted with clearly defined boundaries.

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