Why Getting a Written Warranty is Important When Having Your House Painted?

Many paint manufacturers, retailers, and even contractors offer paint warranty. Paint warranty is actually very much important as this is really a sign of good customer service. However, paint warranties offered by the contractors can often create confusions as the homeowners forget to What's the Warranty on My Paint Worktake a written document. Paint warranties offered by the contractors are an important thing and it should always be printed on a paper. There are definitely a few salient factors that you should look for in a warranty. The warranty offered by the paint contractors should always be centered on the labors and materials.

Why is it Important to Get a Written Warranty When Having Your House Painted?

In most cases paint start fading noticeably within ten to twelve years. If the paint simply fades evenly, it might not be a big problem, however, in most cases, paint fades unevenly. The main reason behind this is that the paints are not being exposed evenly to moisture, heat, and light. For example, the south-facing wall is prone to fade more in comparison to the other walls. A huge factor in the ability of the paint to stand against the weather condition is the type of preparation work done before the painting job even started. If the painting contractors apply paint on an unclean surface or a damp surface, its natural lifespan will greatly be reduced. Also, if the wall was entirely unprepared for the paint, it might begin to peel long before its expected lifespan. For these reasons, you need a warranty when having your house painted. At the same time, it is always better to have a longer warranty than the shorter one.

Labor and Materials Warranty:

The fact is labor occupies the most of the cost of a painting project. For that reason, many people decide to make their painting job a DIY project rather than hiring a professional contractor. However, they soon discover that everything from surface preparation to masking tools is some of the most important parts of a paint project and that the paint contractors actually do a lot of things that the DIY painters cannot. If you are hiring a painting contractor, you should ask for a warranty that covers a complete labor plus the materials used in the paint project. This ensures that if for example, the paint begins to peel a couple of months after the job, you can contact your painting contractor and let them take care of the issue.

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