Why Gloss Paint is The Best Choice for Your Front Door?

The front door of your house needs some sort of exterior wood protection to prevent it from getting old. This can happen especially when the front door is exposed to harsh weather condition. A lack of exterior wood protection on wooden front doors may actually lead to the damage togloss front door your front door. The best way to revamp and rejuvenate the look and feel of your front door is to apply a thick coat of paint on it. Paint can actually prevent the door from being warped. Once you repair the potential damages of your front door, there comes the part of choosing the best paint color and paint finish for the door.

When it comes to choosing the best paint color for the front door, most people go for high gloss paint. If you take a glance at the front door of your neighborhood house, the high gloss paint door is bound to catch your attention. Literally, a high gloss front door will surely boost your curb appeal, no matter which area you’re in.

Gloss Paint Looks Good on Front Doors:

When you see a front door lacquered up in high gloss paint, it can feel like the most glam look in the globe. Although high gloss paint provides the door with a newer look, it is actually the most traditional finish you use. According to the paint experts, high gloss paint is highly durable and recommended for front doors because they have a tough enamel-like finish.

Highly Durable:

Another important reason why you should choose gloss paint for the front door is that of their durability. Due to this, high gloss paint is good to use in high traffic areas like a front door. Also, the gloss paint dries to such a hard surface that it is very easy to clean. The front door receives a great amount of traffic and it is prone to be exposed to the dust and grease. With glossy surface, you can very easily wipe off the dust and grease by using a small piece of cloth.

Reflects Light:

High gloss paints are used for front doors because it reflects light. Because of the high sheen, they always look like new and grab the attention of people. Oil based gloss paint creates a hard surface which is very resistant to scratching and is easily washable. Also, these types of paints can stand up under the exposure to salt and moisture content in the air.

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