Why Regular Inspection of Your House Exterior Paint is Important?

When you complete an exterior house paint job, you not only give your home an aesthetic appeal, but it ensures that your home is protected from the external elements. It is true that exterior paint gives your house the best protection and the same lower down the weathering. Despite this many homeowners do not give much importance to the annual maintenance of the exterior paint. In order to ensure that your house gets ultimate protection, you should keep up with the annual inspection even after the exterior paint job is done. If neglected, the exterior of your house may experience permanent damage and you may need to spend a lot of bucks to restore the health of your house.

Benefits of Annual Inspections of an Exterior Paint Job:

Given the fact that annual inspection can actually improve the lifecycle of the exterior of your house, you should take proper care of it. For example, you can go for pressure washing once in a year as this can remove the unwanted dirt, dust, mildew, etc and give your exterior paint job a fresh look as always. It is also important to ask the professionals to check the overall health of the exterior of your house and use pressure washing along with a chemical solution to get rid of the mold.

Inspect Whether Your House Exterior Requires Caulking:

It is also important to inspect the caulking of the exterior of your house. If neglected caulking may expand as the time flows and it can cause moisture damage. Although complete caulking may not be required each year, an inspection of the existing caulking can help you identify any potential problem. Based on your inspection you can arrange for slight touchups. When inspecting such areas, you should specifically look for the areas where moisture can grow inside the cracks.

Trimming the Plants and Shrubbery:

You should look for any unwanted growth of trees and shrubberies around the exterior of your house. This is because excessive moisture may be the result of the excessive growth of plants and shrubs close to your home. Therefore, it is important to trim the plants and shrubberies at regular interval to make sure that the plants cannot come close to the painted surface.

Also, when inspecting the health of the exterior of your house, it is important to pay extra attention to the South-West direction of your house, because this part of your house is prone to be directly exposed to the Sun which may cause blistering or peeling.

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