2018’s Most Popular Interior Colors

If you ask five color experts to name the most popular interior paint colors for 2018, you’ll surely get 5 different answers from each of them. Some will say a dreamy blue, a seafoam green, or others will name vivid red, golden yellow etc as the most popular color in 2018. This is Most Popular Interior Colorsbecause color experts usually keep an eye on the latest trends. They roam around the cities and take hints from the interior paint colors, neighborhood, local arts, culture etc to decide which is the hottest paint color in that area. Mostly all major paint manufacturers have their own color experts who identify these color trends, create new palettes, and experiment with paint colors.
Below are a brief report as to which paint colors were the most popular in 2018.

Combination of Blue & Green:

A combination of blue and green was the most popular trend in interior house painting throughout 2018. Green and blue are peaceful and considered a restorative color. It helps to create a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom. Even if you use the same in other rooms in your house interiors, this will give a relaxing feel. For example, if you use a combination of green and blue in your kitchen, it looks sharp with white cabinets. Also, these types of colors work well with taupes, grays, and browns.

Sea Foam Green:

Nothing was more popular as an interior paint color than seafoam green in 2018. Not only it gives a soothing effect and renewing feel, sea foam green also gives perfect lightness to brighten the house interior. Seafoam looks in any room where you’d like to create a relaxing space, such as family rooms or bedrooms. You can try combining this paint color with classic shades like blue, black, and any other natural tones.

Rich Golden Yellow:

A rich golden yellow that brings rays of sunshine to any room is all time favorite for many homeowners. Golden yellow radiates warmth and enlightens any space. This type of color is popular as it is inspired by vivid colors of the tropics and creates an optimistic and energetic hue. As this type of color compliments any other paint color, you can use it to accent a door or add a pop of color to a bookshelf.

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