What’s the Best Type of Wood for an Exterior Shutter?

An exterior shutter is something that protects your home from weather damage and secures your house against theft. Therefore, it is always important to use the material for an exterior shutter that is weather resistant and straight grained. You should choose a wood that is good Wood Choices for Exterior Shuttersenough to protect exterior shutters from warping, shrinking and swelling. While cedar is the most common types of wood used for exterior shutter, redwood and cypress are also a good choice. Wooden shutters are basically a good choice if you live in a dry climate.

Cedar Wood for Exterior Shutter:

Cedar is the most commonly used wood as a material for creating exterior shutter. Not only shutters, but cedar wood is also actually used for many exterior applications. The chief reason for using cedar is that it’s dimensionally stable. This means it’s resistant to warping and twisting. Apart from that cedar wood contains a natural oil that prevents bugs, decay, and moisture. Also, most constructors prefer cedar wood as it is easy to work with and it is very easy to yield saw and screws on cedar wood. Cedar is also affordable and available on a rough surface, which gives your exterior shutters a textured look. Cedar wood also help insulates the home and protects it from extreme heat or cold.

Redwood and Cypress:

While cedar is the common choice among homeowners when it comes to choosing materials for exterior shutters, there are many people that prefer redwood and cypress as well. Redwood and cypress are mainly used for shutters that require high-end installation. Redwood is also resistant to bugs, decay, and moisture. Another advantage of using redwood as a material for exterior shutters is that they need little maintenance and look good even without stain or paint. However, you can use a sealer to increase the longevity of the redwood.

Cypress, on the other hand, is used mainly in southern states for many years. Structurally, cypress wood is more like the cedar, but a bit harder. Just like the cedar and redwood, Cypress has the protective qualities and can help prevent decay, bugs, and moisture.

To get the best value from your exterior wood shutters, you should take care of them regularly. It is important to paint, stain, or seal your exterior wood shutters regularly to help it last longer.

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