3 Plaster Repair Tips that Can Bring Old Walls Back to Life in an Interior Painting Projects

3 Plaster Repair Tips that Can Bring Old Walls Back to Life in an Interior Painting Projects

If you are going to undertake an interior painting job or a custom remodeling project of your old home, you shouldn’t be surprised if you find plaster walls that need to be repaired. Certainly, old ugly and damaged plaster is a cause of your headache during a home remodeling job. It is true that your old home has lot of charm in it. But when the plaster becomes the disaster, you have the real problem in hand.

Nevertheless, the problem regarding your old damaged plaster is fixable in most cases. And when the plaster damage is just too far gone to plaster repairrepair, you can go for other remedies as well, for e.g. overlaying with drywall or getting the best contractor to replace the plaster.

Mentioned below are three plaster repair tips you should keep in mind while undertaking an interior painting project:

Tip #1: Remove Old Wallpapers from Wall:

Remove all wallpapers or wallpaper glue residue. The best way to remove all wallpapers from the old plaster is to use a wallpaper paste remover or a steamer. Steamers are very popular and they are like simple machines. You have to fill the steamers with ordinary tap water. The steam is pumped through a hose to a rectangular dispenser. You have to hold the dispenser against the portion of wall where the wallpaper is pasted. The wallpaper will begin to bubble and peel since it becomes saturated. If you want to remove several layers of wallpapers you need to use either the steamer or the paste remover several times against the wall long enough the saturated area.

Tip #2: Repair all Plaster Damage:

It is important to repair all plaster damage by using a good plaster repair compound. Under any circumstances you should not use drywall compound since they will not work properly. Remember your old wall plaster is porous and you need a compound that is designed to work with a porous surface.

Tip #3: Use Oil Based Primer:

As far as the old wall is concerned, you should use good oil based primer. Oil based primers are little costlier than later primers. However, an oil based primer is the best to use during your interior painting project since it will prevent the plaster from bleeding through your newly painted walls. Plaster walls primed with oil primer will also last longer.

Finally, start painting your walls to give it a new look. Use latex based paints since they are ideal for oil based primed walls. Contact the best Clarksville painters for more information regarding interior wall paints.

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