4 Important Tips to Consider Before Staining Exterior Cedar Siding

4 Important Tips to Consider Before Staining Exterior Cedar Siding

Visiting a paint store can be an overwhelming choice. The task of deciding on a particular paint or stain coating for your exterior cedar siding could be a daunting task, since there are many varieties. A set of useful tips is intended to prepare you, before you actually buying the stain coating for cedar siding.

These tips will help you to know exactly which type of stain coating fits your final outcome.Cedar Siding

Think About the Current Weather Condition:

When applying a stain coating to an exterior cedar siding, a quick glance at the latest weather forecast is a good idea. The humidity or moisture in the air may create a serious hazard to the cedar. Hence, you need to estimate your time to complete the paint or stain project by looking into the weather forecast.

Cleaning the Cedar:

Another important tips before staining the cedar siding is to decide if the cedar wood is new or old. There is a huge difference between the tasks of applying stain coatings over the new cedar and applying stain on older seasoned cedar. A brand new cedar siding requires installation and preparation so it accepts stain of any sort. Cleaning the cedar siding by power washing actually opens up the wood’s grain, allowing proper adhesion and saturation. You can add a good additive like TSP or Trisodium Phosphate. This type of chemical is popularly used as a cleaning agent, stain remover, and de-greaser. If the cedar is old, it may have black ugly mildew all over it. Cleaning an old cedar before staining is must.

Painting or Staining New Cedar:

When you have new cedar siding to be stained, you need to start from the scratch. The surface area should be cleaned and dried properly. Typically the brand new cedar siding that is freshly milled, could have a moisture content that creates disruption when attempting stain coatings on it. Hence, you have to check with your lumberyard about the date when it was cut and milled. Generally, the freshly cut cedar that is installed outside requires at least two weeks after installation to dry out completely and to apply stain coatings.

Staining Old Cedar:

Older and seasoned cedar siding is where your painting skills are properly matched. If a few steps are performed, staining an old cedar siding comes out almost flawlessly. You should always remove all old flaking paint or stains on the top layer of wood by using power washing. For more information about staining cedar siding, you can contact a good painting contractors like Clarksville Painters.

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