Accent Walls Do’s and Dont’s

Accent walls are a popular choice in the decorating industry. The easy and stylish color accents are always popular among homeowners because of their flexibility. To learn about accent walls do’s and dont’s please read on. Before we go to far, you have numerous paint options. Your accent wall should be as unique as your home. However, you should have a clear idea about the Dos and Don’ts about the access walls.

What is an Accent Wall?

An accent wall is an art of interior or exterior house painting, in which you can have a wall painted in a different color, shade, design, or material from the other walls around it. Mentioned below are the most important points you should keep in mind when using accent walls.

Use Bold Colors:

Don’t refrain from using bold color for your accent wall. As long as you choose the right accent colors around the room, you should have no reason to shy away from using a bold color for your accent wall. You can choose any color as per your choice.

Think About Out of The Box Color Ideas:

You should always think about choosing box color when you want to get an accent wall that can grab the attention of people. Ask your paint contractors to provide you with a handful of color collections. At any cost, you should not be limited to simple wall paint ideas just to cover the wall. Try to choose a color that can be used in a different way. If chosen properly, your accent wall will be a perfect example of how one should use stripes or any special paint color.

Go With Neutrals:

You can consider using an accent wall even when you want to use neutral color in your house interiors. Accent walls can work just as well in a neutral color as in a bright color. It is true that the initial idea of an accent wall should come up with bright red or blue, but your accent wall can look equally stunning in a neutral color scheme like dark brown or black.

Think About Other Walls Of Your Room:

You should think about the color that you are using on your other walls as well. In most cases, the accent walls look best when the adjacent walls are painted in light or medium shades of colors. For example, you can try using accent walls when keeping all the other walls in white.

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