The Best Places for An Accent Wall

An accent wall is a wall painted in a different color than the other walls of the room. This is the easiest and the most effective way to not only liven up space, but it also helps you to befool the visitor’s eye into seeing the room a little bigger than it really is. When it comes to choosing theBest Places for An Accent Wall best place or the right wall to apply paint as an accent wall, you need to consider the room’s exposure as well as the basic color theory that is applicable to the particular room.

When deciding the perfect wall for an accent wall, you must consider that it is going to be the focal point in your room. Therefore, you need to apply paint an accent wall in such a way so that it draws the maximum attention. A regular side wall may not always be a good accent wall just because it’s a solid wall. Also, do not choose an accent wall just because you are not able to decide on a particular place to use as an accent wall. Mentioned below are the most important things that you need to consider when deciding on an accent wall.

Solid Walls with No Interruptions:

A solid wall with no interruptions or breaks could be an excellent choice for an accent wall. For example, a solid wall behind the sofa or a bed is an ideal choice for accent wall because it is the perfect place to use a bold color that adds a visual interest. However, you must consider discussing with a professional painter before you choose the actual paint color for your accent wall.

A Wall with Windows:

Walls with windows or other architectural features could also be a perfect choice for the accent wall. However, a wall with windows will look best as an accent wall if the wall is symmetrical. You must remember that a wall with differently sized windows and doors is not the ideal option for an accent wall. To get the best result, the accent wall needs to be symmetrical with the matching windows. The color you use for the accent wall should relate to the windows and other furniture to visually draw the attention of the visitors.

The Ceiling:

The modern trend is to apply paint on the ceiling to make it as an accent wall. This is a popular trend and just because the ceiling is considered the fifth wall of your room, it can be a great place for an accent wall.

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